random nicole teaches a wide variety of workshops in several genres at studios throughout california. current times and locations for each workshop listed below. all workshops are one session and about 3 hours.

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random nicole also offers private one on one lessons and craft workshops for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, couple nights, girls nights and corporate retreat and team building events. random nicole can create a workshop to fit your needs and turn your group into craft masters in just about any genre.
for private workshops the fee depends on the type of craft, your location and how many people are in your group. please email nicole for a quote.

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basic sewing: using straight stitches & appliqués to create a pillow

so you ended up with aunt edna's sewing machine and it's been gathering dust in the garage or you’ve forgotten your home ec. basics from junior high. this is the perfect class for people who’ve never sewn or need a refresher. we’ll go over how to thread your machine, load and change the bobbin, back tack, draft a simple pattern, cut, a bit about fabric, what supplies you need and simple sewing stitches. we’ll also focus on perfecting the sewing on appliqués with the zig-zag stitch, so you’ll be ready to embellish just about anything. then you’ll use your new skills to create an adorable pillow accented with an applique.

tuesday sept 13th * 12-3pm @ WORKSHOP in san francisco (this session we make a sock monster & drink cozy instead of a pillow)

tuesday sept 18th* 6:30-9:30pm @ STITCHCRAFT in petaluma

maybe you picked up a cool vintage floral tablecloth at the flea market, or saw a bold striped cotton print you couldn’t resist at the fabric store…now the “someday i’ll do something with this stuff” pile of fabric is spilling out of its box. bring that fabric down and we’ll turn it into an a-line skirt. you’ll learn how to draft your own simple skirt pattern from your measurements, use elastic for the waistband, hem and even adorn your new skirt with an as we give you a mini lesson in appliqués or screenprinting too! the a-line shape is forgiving for just about everyone. after class you can bring your pattern home and create a whole army of skirts.

next time you’re in the kitchen look super stylish in your vintage inspired apron. we’ll work with a pattern, design, cut and sew a full or a half apron with pockets in this class. your new skills will include how to work with and create a simple pattern, construct a project from multiple pieces, create custom fabric covered buttons, techniques for creating ties, straps and pockets and creating and using bias tape for trim. you’ll leave with your new apron and all the know-how to make more aprons at home.

design, draft a pattern and sew your own handbag, totes or purse. we’ll look at some examples of different shapes and styles of simple bags and use them inspiration to sew our own unique creation complete with pockets and embellishments. you’ll learn how to construct a project putting together multiple pieces and how to work with magnetic snaps and other closures.


create your own custom vinyl wallets, billfolds or checkbook covers in this class so you can finally say goodbye to that plain old blue plastic checkbook cover that came with your checks or the wallet you just can’t get rid of even though it’s held together with safety pins and tape. you’ll design your new wallet, create a pattern and then cut and sew your creation. you’ll learn how to work with vinyl and clear plastic using a teflon foot on the sewing machine, install metal snaps, create custom fabric covered buttons and how to construct a project from multiple pieces.


why can’t laptops look as cool as vintage typewriters? maybe this class can’t give your computer a make-over but it will make the sleeve that keeps your laptop safe from spills and being knocked around as unique as the photos, writing and music your computer holds. in this workshop we’ll create a custom pattern to fit your laptop, kindle, ipad or other electronic device. then we’ll cut, sew and put together your ultra safe and durable sleeve with or without a strap so you can tote it around or slip it into another bag. you’ll also learn how to work with foam padding and how to install metal snaps. we’ll also give you a mini-screenprinting and appliqué workshop so you can add images and designs to your new bag. you’ll leave with at least one finished sleeve and possibly two depending on your sewing experience and the complexity of your design.



creating your own natural bath products is easier than you’d imagine and way cheaper than blowing your money on buying them. in this class not only will you make 2 sets of your own salt and sugar scrubs, soy candles, soaps, bath salt sachets, moisturizing lip balms, essential oil spritzers and lip glosses but you’ll also get all the recipes and learn the resources for ingredients and packaging. we’ll focus on organic, natural and easy to find ingredients. your new products will be fancy enough to display in your bathroom or give as gifts when we get creative with packaging using vintage and modern papers and collage materials.


demystify the art of printing and learn the basics of printing using a silkscreen. you’ll design and print your own stencil image as well as be able to print with a selection of images from our pre-made screens. we’ll explore design, composition, water-based inks, drying methods, layered printing, fabric and paper mediums. you’ll take home a complete resource list for supplies, instruction book, squeegee, ink sample and your own screen so you can keep printing at home. after this class you’ll be able to print everything from your own stationary, paper goods or frameable artwork to t-shirts and clothing.

saturday sept 30th* 12-3pm @ TEAHOUSE STUDIOS in berkeley

is that hand me down original rolling stones shirt from your pops too big? or maybe your favorite t-shirt from summer camp is now a half-shirt? or perhaps that tee you “borrowed” from your best friend had an unlucky incident with a spiked kool aid and bbq sauce last summer? bring it on! this workshop is your chance to reincarnate those old tees into edgy tops that actually fit! so clean out your closet or head to thrift store and pick up those once unwanted tees. we’ll reconstruct and refashion your tees through unique techniques in cutting, sewing, appliqué, ruching, stitching, embellishing, stenciling and screenprinting. after the class you can take your new skills to keep on turning your tee duds into studs.
the best part is you don’t need previous crafting or sewing experience.

create your own little eco system in a mason jar in our terrariums class. learn a bit about the history of terrariums and what you need to create your own in any sort of glass container. we'll also sculpt tiny clay figures to fill our mini-gardens. use moss, dirt, rocks and more to make your very own self-sustaining plants housed in various bottles.


create one of a kind headbands, necklaces, brooches or hairclips with felt and fabric. we’ll review samples for inspiration and you’ll be guided in composition and design elements as you fabricate your accessories with textiles and embellishments. we’ll show you how to make retro fabric yo-yo’s and a few types of felt rosette flowers. you’ll use these skills and techniques to compose and assemble your wearable works of art.


create your own incredibly scented container candles and votives using soy wax – a great alternative to paraffin for a cleaner longer burning candle that doesn’t release carcinogens. your finished candles will be gift ready when you decorate the jars and pair them with a decoupaged matchbox. you’ll also find out where to get all the supplies to keep making more candles at home. you’ll leave with 3-5 candles depending on container size.

saturday sept 30th* 4:30-7:00pm @ TEAHOUSE STUDIOS in berkeley



learn all the basics of simple diy papermaking in this workshop. you’ll build your own papermaking mold and screen frame to use in class and take home. a variety of fibers and textures are explored as we discover the art of papermaking. we’ll learn how to reuse and recycle things (like milk cartons & shredded mail) into paper as well as get creative with embedding things like thread, dried flowers, seeds, color etc into our paper. use your new skills to create one of kind business cards, greeting cards, wrapping paper, art projects, handmade books… the possibilities are endless after your master these simple techniques.



remember shrinky dinks and the way they boggled your elementary school senses as they curled and hardened in the oven? in this workshop we use classic shrink paper to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains & more, but we take it a step further using not only hand drawn designs but printed designs & photographs for professional looking jewelry that's one of a kind.


explore collage and simple jewelry making techniques as you create personalized necklaces, pins, earrings, rings and more using vintage game (like scrabble, dominos & rummikub) tiles, photos and decoupage papers. we’ll guide you through design, composition, color and how to put it all together as you skillfully craft several one of a kind artsy jewelry pieces protected by resin that reflect your sense of style.



are there pieces in your closet that you still love but don't love to wear anymore? a skirt or pair of jeans with a hole, that ragged tee you 'stole' from your ex, the sweater nana knit for you, the dress that a bit too snug or (lucky you) a bit too big... bring in these items and you'll give them new life as you learn some basic sewing, applique, ruching, screenprinting and more. explore design & composition as you reconstruct outdated duds and old stand-bys you just can't stand behind anymore into new favorites.

in the spirit of spring weddings, garden and cocktail parties and summer dresses this workshop teaches you the ins and outs of creating your own fascinator or cocktail hat. utilize random nicole's personal collection of hat making supplies like vintage and modern fabrics, delicate netting, felt, lovely feathers, flowers, moss, trees and tons of other various doo-dads to make your fascinator the perfect accent for your outfit. from over the top (think the royal wedding) to classic and understated your fascinator will reflect your personal style. we'll explore creating covered buttons and fabric flower rosettes, hand-stitching and basic millinery techniques as nicole guides you and helps you sketch, compose and execute the perfect top-off to your dress.


applique techniques give new life to clothes that have found their way to the back of your closet because they have a little hole, stain or are just plain boring. appliqueing is also a lovely way to embellish a new project. in this class we'll learn and perfect applique techniques like machine-sewn applique, reverse applique and hand-sewn applique. the elusive zig-zag stitch will be old hat and you'll explore interfacing. we'll also create our own bias strips perfect for trimming neck or hem lines and learn how to sew them onto garments. you'll leave with all the skills you need to transform a boring tee, tote, jacket, dress or skirt into a one of a kind object d'art reflecting your personal style.
please bring: a few garments that need some spicing up. suggestions: tees, totes, jackets, skirts etc...


your house will be the best bar in town after you become a master of artisan cocktail salts, sugars, syrups and garnishes. say adios to sweet and sour mix and goodbye to store bought maraschino cherries. we'll start by pairing fresh fruits and herbs with gourmet salts and sugars to create the perfect combinations to rim your cocktail glasses. then we'll make infused simple syrups and learn how to quick pickle veggies for a bloody mary that can double as a meal. your new boozy skills will be put to good use as we make and sample four cocktails: a jalapeno syrup margarita rimmed with spicy citrus cilantro salt, a bloody mary with spicy savory salt and homemade pickled pepper + garlic green beans, pearl onions and radishes, a scotch manhattan with brandied cherries and bacon sugar (that's right, BACON sugar) and a raspberry basil martini rimmed with lavender sugar. you'll leave with a recipe book and the fruits of your labor: salts, sugars, syrups & pickled veggies so you can go home and whip out more fancy drinks.

sunday sept 30th* 4:30-7:00pm @ WORKSHOP in san francisco

saturday sept 15th * 4:30-7:00pm @ STITCHCRAFT in petaluma


boring table salt beware! in the race to take pretty much anything you put in your mouth to an unparalleled level of foodie fantasticness...artisan salts are kicking table salts' butt. artisan salts can be used on meats, salads, veggies, pastas, fruits, cocktails or to enhance the flavors of any dish from mac and cheese to beef tenderloin. in this workshop you'll get a brief history of salt and an overview of some exotic salt favorites. you'll learn several techniques to master creating salts with natural flavors like drying fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables and how to reduce and concentrate liquids (like yummy wine & bourbon) to infuse their essences. they'll be a selection of gourmet salts, tons of fresh produce, peppers and boozy treats to mix and match. we'll make japanese green tea matcha salt, provence lavender salt, truffle-esque woodland mushroom salt, spicy salt, bacon bourbon salt, cabernet salt and a parsley garlic lemon gremolata salt. then you'll use your new skills in mixing, blending and flavor pairing to create your own unique salt combinations. you'll leave with a collection of 7-10 artisan salts, a recipe & pairing mini-book and all the skills and recipes to make more salts at home for yourself or to give as gifts.


few things taste better than the unique pairing of caramel and salt. you could just dress up a store bought caramel with a little fleur de sel (i'll admit, i've done this in a pinch) or you could take this workshop and make caramels from scratch then top them with a sprinkling of your own handmade artisan salt. achieving the perfect body in a caramel is no easy task but we make short work of it by employing a simple fail-safe recipe and utilizing the awesome power of a candy thermometer. we'll make a batch of flawless caramels from step one followed by a short course in artisan salt mixing as we whip out cocoa salt, spicy salt and bacon bourbon salt to sprinkle on our treats just before we wrap them in parchment paper then tie them with bakers twine so they can travel home with you (if they make it that far). if they don't, don't fret, you'll leave with a recipe book so you can recreate all the fantasticness from class in your own kitchen.

tuesday sept 11th * 6:30-9:00 @ STITCHCRAFT in petaluma


remember childhood ice cream making in the backyard? your dad turning the crank on the wooden ice cream maker, you carrying the heavy bag of rock salt and the end result...a slushie flavorless 'treat' melting into a pool around your birthday cake. ice cream making doesn't have to be that hard or that boring. in this workshop we'll break down the science behind achieving the perfect balance of ingredients to create a well-textured frozen dessert. we'll work with unique pairings as we start from scratch and churn out kona coffee & oatmeal stout ice cream, olive oil & sea salted pepita ice cream as well as a vegan watermelon & lemonade sorbet. still not good enough? we'll also create toppings that rival any fancy pants ice cream shop like one step fleur de sel caramel and a homemade dark chocolate crackle shell sauce. you'll leave with a mini-book chock full of recipes, secrets and tips to make killer ice creams at home.

saturday sept 15th * 12-2:30pm @ STITCHCRAFT in petaluma

sunday sept 30th * 12-2:30pm @ WORKSHOP in san francisco




build on your basic sewing skills in this workshop as you sew a simple girls dress for ages 12 months up to 12 years. we'll start at the very beginning by creating our own pattern which you can take home to make more dresses. you'll learn how to create your own bias tape from fabric to use as a trim, on raw edges and hems. we'll also learn how to use the zig-zag stitch to add embellishments like an applique pocket. this is a quick and easy project making it ideal to make multiples at home for your little girl, niece, or as a birthday or baby shower gift.